Zettlemoyer Pottery
Zettlemoyer Pottery
  • Pennsylvania German "Dutch" Redware

     The motifs are derived from 18th & 19th Century Pennsylvania German redware pieces that reside in the Pennsylvania German Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Winterthur. These are not reproductions, but rather a representational derived design. Each piece is hand crafted and free hand decorated. Each piece is unique and one of a kind. Although multiple pieces may be similar, each will has subtle variations.



    Three flowers spreading represents trinity. Attributed to: Samuel Troxel, 1823 Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, Pa.




    Attributed to John Neis. Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County. The date of this design is between 1810-1812. 


    Double Headed Eagle


    Also known as the double dove. Strength, courage and the heart in the center for love in marriage. Attributed to  George Hubener  1786.




    Attributed to Solomon Grimm. Rockland Township, Berks County, Pa. 1815-1825.



    Attributed to: Conrad Mumbouer, Haycock Township, Bucks County, 1794-1844.  



    Incarnation, three flowers spreading from an urn represents the embodiment of God. Attributed to Conrad Mumbouer, George Hubener and John Monday, 1785 to 1844.



    Symbolic to the resurrection. The peacock sheds his feathers, he grows more brilliant ones then he lost. Henry Roudebush, 1794.

    Tree of Life


    Rooted in paradise. This was a popular motif for ancient potters and rug makers. Montgomery County Samuel Troxel, 1833.

    Pelican in Her Piety


    The pelican plucks its breast to feed her young. This is symbolic of Christ as savior of the world. Potter unknown. 1800-1830. 



    Attributed to John Neis. Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County, Pa. This design is date 1812.




    Originally the plate read "Liberty for Gackson." President Jackson was  popular  among the Pennsylvania Germans. Samuel Troxel, 1833.



    The Carolina parrot  was once in great abundance throughout the country side of Pennsylvania. Andrew Headman in 1808.



    Represents incarnation. Potter unknown. Many pieces were not marked by their makers. 1820-1840. 

    Leaf Wreath


    Attributed to Henry Roudebush, Montgomery County, Pa.  1815-1820.


    This design is attributed to  Samuel Troxel, 1846.  Montgomery County, Pa.

    Wavy Flowers


    Potter unknown, Fredrick Township, Montgomery County, Pa. Original plate was made & dated January 17, 1794.